Is Diversified Funding REALLY That Important?


In February, I talked about the importance of prioritizing diversified funding. After Amazon announced its Amazon Smiles program would be closing, several of my clients and colleagues discussed what this […]

Strategic Planning in an emergency

Emergency Strategic Plans

It’s that time in the COVID era that you’ve earned your Crisis Manager Badge. Congratulations! During this time, you’ve probably been mostly occupied with putting out fires and making adjustments […]

The Big Event Question Mark


We’ve had a lot of events cancelled outright lately. But now we’re entering a new no-person’s land of should we or shouldn’t we march ahead with “Our Thing”? This post will give you a few ideas on how to approach the discussion and issues to consider. 

Measuring the Impact of Your Volunteers

Volunteer Evaluations Your Volunteer Plan should include processes and protocols for evaluating volunteers. We often neglect this important work. It must be done, and you want to make sure your […]

Show Your Donors the Love

Love is in the air this week. Share it with your donors! Some folks call Valentine’s Day Donor Day! Use Valentine’s Day as a stewardship opportunity to show your donors […]

Let Your Donors Love Your Nonprofit!

February has arrived! And with it, comes much attention toward February 14—Valentine’s Day. Maybe you love this day; maybe you do not. Regardless, we are inundated with store displays of […]

Plant the Seeds to Grow Your Donor Base

How are you going to increase the number of donors this year? Expanding your donor base should be an integral part of your fundraising efforts. There are many ways to […]

Fail to plan, plan to fail!

Here’s hoping you had a great holiday and are ready to use these final days of 2018 to wrap up end-of-year fundraising activities and begin planning for 2019. Today is […]