Discover how Kari effortlessly transforms the landscape of professional development, making it both engaging and enjoyable. Experience the multitude of opportunities she offers for delving deeper into the essential skills, expertise, and mindset required to effectively manage your nonprofit. The testimonials below tell the whole story.

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I am so thankful that we found you! What I appreciated from you the most is your brutal honesty and the roadmap provided to better our young Foundation to help our community continue to thrive and be a place for our youth to come back to someday and raise their families. You are definitely gifted and great at what you do. I hope you continue to keep on doing what you are doing.
Mandy Mader
Vice President, Johnson County Fairgrounds Foundation (Buffalo, WY)
Kari’s work with our Board of Directors and myself as an executive director has provided a lot of needed guidance in assessing and reorganizing our organizational infrastructure, resetting focus. She has also helped all of us understand our strengths that we bring, and the roles we all need to provide in order to build and maintain a strong nonprofit organization. Debbie Bogart, Ex Director Cle Elum Downtown Association.
Debbie Bogart
Executive Director, Cle Elum Downtown Association (CLe Elum, WA)
Working with Kari for our strategic planning was an absolute delight! Kari was actively engaged throughout the process and provided tremendous guidance as our board planned our next three years. She listened, asked the right questions, and brought much-needed insight to the discussions. Our board approved the plan in October and we have a solid path to guide us in the years ahead!
David Pettyjohn
Executive Director, Idaho Humanities Council (Boise, ID)
It is a pleasure working with Kari. Her knowledge of non-profit management and boards have proven to create immediate success within our organization. She is positive, solution oriented and able to recognize both small and large changes that will take our non-profit to the next level. I would recommend Incite Consulting and Kari for any of your organization’s needs.
Dawn Newburg
Executive Director, The ALS Association Nevada Chapter (Las Vegas, NV)
Kari is fantastic at taking a group of board members who are passionate and dedicated, and giving them a structure of how to best go about accomplishing the mission of the organization. After our time with her, we all had a better sense of how to conduct ourselves as a highly-functioning board.
Phil Mollenkof
Board Member, Mountain Bike the Tetons, Driggs, ID
When we started working with Kari, we knew that our organization was in a growth phase, but we weren’t sure where to prioritize growth, or how to sustain it. Kari worked with us to thoughtfully assess our organization, put together a strategic growth plan, and successfully implement that plan. We’ve been praised by funders for having such a well thought out, organized, strategic plan for growth. Our board is finally embracing their role as fundraisers, and they have the tools and confidence to perform successfully in that role! Kari is great at straightforward, no-nonsense communication that drives toward outcomes.
Amy Verbeten
Executive Director, Friends of the Teton River, Driggs, ID
We are on year 2 of a 3 year strategic plan that Kari helped us shape—she has vision!
Brian Newberry
CEO, Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and North Idaho, Spokane, WA
We became more focused on our mission, developed strategies and cleaned up administrative omissions and errors.
Ruth Wimberly
Board Chair, Bonner County Historical Society, Sandpoint, ID
Her insights allowed the board to thoughtfully process how their specific actions can be THE difference between a mediocre organization and a high-functioning team.
Vicky Scharlau
Executive Director, Washington Wine Industry Foundation, Cashmere, WA
After working with Kari our team and board are more focused. We have clear goals and the tools to reach them. Our board is so much more engaged. They understand the donor development cycle and are more comfortable thanking connecting and asking, especially now that they are working in the role that fits them best. Kari connects with people and gets them excited to do the work they are so passionate about. She puts passion into action!
Cody Sinclair
Chief Development Officer, Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation, Sheridan, ID
Wishing Star Foundation hired Kari in late 2021 to facilitate my hire in Jan 2022 as the Foundation’s new Executive Director. The hire/onboard process was smooth and professional; we were also able to use Kari’s coaching /professional development skills to support me and the Board during 2022 as we worked to transform our organization. Kari’s support in helping us strengthen our strategic & operational planning and board governance procedures and documents put us in a much stronger position to deliver our mission and provide long lasting support to the communities we serve. Thanks for getting us on the right track Kari! Great results, and we had fun in the process!
Hugh Severs
Executive Director, Wishing Star Foundation (Spokane, WA)
Years ago, I met Kari. She came to my office for a one on one consult. Her words to me that day, transformed how I do my job and how I see my role as a Non Profit Leader. She has stayed connected all these years and I have had the privilege to refer her services to other non profits. She is a strong, calm and steady voice for me over and over again when the need came. There is simply nobody like her doing this kind of work.
Linda Haglund
Executive Director, Wenatchee Downtown Association (Wenatchee, WA)
Kari is incredibly generous and giving of her time and talent. She worked with our board to create a strategic plan and then outside the bounds of that contract, continued to support me as an early career executive director in navigating numerous nuanced challenges. She cared about me as a professional and was a thoughtful mentor throughout.
Ethan Lobdell
Executive Director, Jackson Hole Children’s Museum (Jackson, WY)
Kari’s ability to help the board of our young organization move beyond the emotional attachment to our past and take the steps necessary to further our overall goals was quite amazing. We, as a group, had struggled with a way forward and she was able to delineate the issues at hand and then show us how to come to consensus about our mission and the way forward. We look forward to having her help us as we grow to have more impact within our community.
Lisa Steele
Board Chair, Cultivate Ability, Jackson, WY
Kari’s relationship with our organization has provided an extreme ROi. When the board and staff are navigating new territory and are perhaps at odds Kari is the external voice in the room that has seen the scenario 50 times and helped other nonprofits navigate those environments tens of times. Her guidance opens our board candidate pool to larger windows of previous nonprofit experience, and within an hour she brings experience that it would take 12 of us months if not years to replicate.
Ryan McDonald
Board Chair, Teton Adaptive, Teton Village, WY
A major take away from our work with Kari was to focus on connection to cause and storytelling as a way to engage in fundraising. Our team is more inspired and empowered to fundraise after learning from her experience about telling stories instead of making asks. I think that’s been a huge benefit to our organization.
Claire Smallwood
Executive Director, SheJumps, Salt Lake City, UT
Candor and grit—Kari tells it like it is!
Brian Newberry
Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho
One word? Encouraging!
Evan Weiss
Executive Director, Bridger Ski Foundation, Bozeman, MT
Excellent Executive Director Coaching!!!
Andy Cavallaro
Executive Director, Communty Safety Network, Jackson WY
Kari is great at filtering through the verbal clutter during a workshop, to find a gem of advice that helps turn the tide, whether for the organization as a whole or personally for an individual. The rest is up to us to take that gem and run with it. If we do, it can be a game changer. If we don’t, it’s our loss!
Amy Fradley
Executive Director, Teton Valley Foundation, Victor, ID
If I could think of one word, I would say: Electrify!
Shelby Moore, MPA, CFRE
Executive Director, The ALS Association Nevada Chapter (Las Vegas, NV)
Kari and Incite Consulting brought our board to the next level. We are so much more organized with purpose and direction. I cringe to think about where we would be without their help.
Robyn Nance
Co-Founder, Teen & Kid Closet (Spokane, WA)
Kari is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to how a nonprofit should run. She always seems to have the perfect blend of being personable and disarming while really digging into the heart of the matter, and I’ve seen her do tremendous good for a number of organizations.
Phill Mollenkof
Past Board Chair, Mountain Bike the Tetons (Driggs, ID)
Kari is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to how a nonprofit should run. She always seems to have the perfect blend of being personable and disarming while really digging into the heart of the matter, and I’ve seen her do tremendous good for a number of organizations.
Phill Mollenkof
Past Board Chair, Mountain Bike the Tetons (Driggs, ID)
Kari is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to how a nonprofit should run. She always seems to have the perfect blend of being personable and disarming while really digging into the heart of the matter, and I’veI met Kari Anderson when Angel Wings Network won consulting time with her. The time Kari spent with Angel Wings gave a struggling little nonprofit a good basic organizational outline to follow as we dealt with a lot of struggles for the next 3-4 years. I was gone for about 9 months in 2017 taking care of my husband who died 12/22/2017. During the time I was gone the founder/director left the organization to pursue other ventures. The board held things together but raised little of the needed money to hold the organization together. I returned in March of 2018, Even though I had spent many years on nonprofit boards I was not sure the board and I could meet the challenge ahead of us. I came back as director armed with a lot of love for what we do to help cancer patients and a lot of determination. I also had that basic framework Kari had given us. In eight months we raised $44000. Our 2023 budget is $120000. 2022 was the first year we built a budge of $1000,00 and raised it. Thank you, Kari, for the time you spent with Angel Wings Network, Inc. seen her do tremendous good for a number of organizations.
Mabel Dobbs
Executive Director, Angel Wings Network (Weiser, ID)
I feel like we went from a ”mom and pop” board with a big heart, to a viable, cohesive and sustainable one that can propel us forward and foster growth. We still have the big heart, but now we have a vision, and a strategic plan to go with it, to really make a long lasting difference.
Charlie Brewer
Founder/Executive Director, Beyond Pink, Spokane, WA
We didn’t know what we didn’t know until Kari led our Annual Board Retreat. It all starts with our visions, both collective and individual, and ends with action plans. I always love walking away from something with an action plan in hand. I love Kari’s inclusion of all in the room, and she’s just a joy to be around.
Cindy Vanhoff
Administrator, National Association of Women Business Owners, Inland Northwest, Spokane, WA
After a one-day seminar from Kari, our entire board knew their roles better and amplified their involvement.
Lynne Wolfe
Board Chair, Mountain Bike the Tetons, Driggs, ID
After a 25-year career in healthcare philanthropy, and the many challenges and exciting opportunities our organization faced, meeting Kari came at the perfect intersection for me, our staff and board leadership. Once we established a consulting relationship with Kari, our method of strategic planning, reporting and communication experienced many positive changes. She helped us develop our focus and prioritized work—now we choose to spend our time on those areas which have significant impact on our vision and mission. We also were able to engage our board members and community campaign volunteers at a deeper, meaningful level through planning, education and time with each person. These folks feel fantastic about their accomplishments and being involved with our shared goal of providing excellent care for our community. They can see and feel the changes made and successes, and all together we are becoming a better team. Kari helped us plan and now, continues to keep us accountable and on track. It’s a great partnership and I am grateful.
Ada Kervin
Director of Donor Engagement, Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation, Sheridan, ID
One word? Viviacious
Karin Vetter
Board Chair, Animal Rescue Foundation, Grangeville, ID