How are you going to increase the number of donors this year?

Expanding your donor base should be an integral part of your fundraising efforts.

There are many ways to find new donors.

Your approach to donor acquisition should be strategic and planned.

Use several different strategies. Growing your donor base is a critical part of sustaining your nonprofit organization. Make sure it is an ongoing part of your development efforts.

Mailing Lists

A popular donor acquisition strategy is purchasing mailing lists of people who may have an affinity for the work of your nonprofit.


How It Works

I purchased lists through a business owner who ran a mailing and fulfillment house, including print and electronic services. He donated some services to us each year, one of which was the list purchase. A mailing specifically to that list did generate new donors (and at a low per donor cost). Try to work with an expert in the field (fulfillment houses, for example) to assist with your exploration of lists for donor acquisition mailings.

Additional Resources

Look at these online resources relating to donor acquisition. There’s a variety of strategies and activities aimed at finding new donors.

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