What sets Kari apart from other nonprofit consulting firms? Well, let me tell you, Kari’s approach is as unique as a Montana dust storm. Change isn’t just something she accepts; she actively craves it.

When Kari steps into an organization in disarray, she’s like a tornado of productivity. She dives in, dissects the problems, and decides what stays and what goes. It’s like an exhilarating puzzle for her. But the real magic happens when she starts putting the pieces back together, making the organization better than ever.

Kari’s journey in the nonprofit sector spans over three decades, during which she’s collaborated with over 400 nonprofits and their leaders. Of course, there were hiccups along the way, a few bumps and bruises, but all those experiences have shaped her into a consultant who can guide you to success without making the same mistakes. So, if you’re looking for a consultant who not only embraces change but thrives on it, Kari is the one to turn to.

Nonprofit Solutions for Over 25 years

Kari firmly believes that nonprofit organizations possess the capability to achieve remarkable feats when equipped with the right resources, strategies, and support.

In her role as the driving force behind Incite! Consulting, Kari takes center stage in empowering nonprofit leadership, igniting their fundraising efforts, and optimizing their operational efficiency.

Her mission is to cultivate resilience and strength within nonprofits, fostering growth and sustainability.

With a comprehensive approach that prioritizes both internal and external facets, Kari is dedicated to ensuring that nonprofits not only realize their potential but surpass it, making a lasting impact in their respective spheres.

Through strategic guidance and hands-on support, Kari transforms visions into tangible results, contributing to a more effective and impactful nonprofit sector.

Capacity Building and Training

Consultants like Kari plays a pivotal role in enhancing the skill set of nonprofit teams. By conducting training sessions and workshops, Kari will empower staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to execute successful fundraising strategies.

Strategic Fundraising Planning

A seasoned consultant like Kari can collaborate with nonprofits to develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy. Strategic fundraising planning ensures that efforts are focused, diversified, and aligned with the organization's mission.

Technology Integration for Donor Management

Kari would assess the existing technological infrastructure and recommend or implement systems that streamline donor data management, facilitate targeted communication, and enhance overall efficiency in fundraising campaigns.

Operational Streamlining and Cost Optimization

To run efficiently, nonprofits need to operate with maximum effectiveness while minimizing costs. As a consultant, Kari would evaluate the organization's internal processes, identifying areas for cost reduction and improvement.

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