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Meet the Incite Consulting Group Board of Directors and Executive Director Toolkits.

These toolkits are packed with best practice samples and templates designed to elevate your nonprofit’s efficiency, all aligned with current nonprofit best practices and legal standards.


Each Nonprofit Toolkit is Tailored for Success

board of directors nonprofit toolkit

Board of Director's Toolkit


Executive Director's Toolkit


Hey there, it’s Kari! I’m here to offer a game-changer for all you busy nonprofit leaders out there. Every day, I get messages pouring in from nonprofit organizations looking for ways to streamline their operations and inject some excitement into their work!

Well, guess what? I’ve got you covered. I’ve been compiling a list of the most sought-after tools by nonprofit Execs and boards, and I’ve gone ahead and crafted not one, but two toolkits just for you. These toolkits are packed with samples and templates that aren’t just theoretical – they’re the real deal, ready for action.

What’s more, these documents are totally in line with the latest nonprofit best practices and regulations (where they apply). Use them straight out of the box, or even better, fire up Adobe, slap on your logo, and customize them to fit your organization like a glove.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your nonprofit’s efficiency and enjoyment. Let’s make your workday not just productive, but downright awesome!

Nonprofit Leadership Training:

Kari's expertise is not limited to toolkits. She understands that leadership is key to shaping work culture. Whether you're a nonprofit staffer, fundraiser, executive director, or board member, Kari is here as your dedicated cheerleader.

With over two decades of experience, she empathizes with your challenges and is ready to share her wealth of knowledge.

build with people

Leadership with Kari Means:

Your nonprofit’s success is about strategy. Kari will work with you to engage diverse groups, from donors to volunteers, for improved performance, retention, and financial gain. Building with strategy means designing a course of action using organizational resources to achieve major goals. Let us facilitate crucial conversations, clarify roles, and plan strategically.

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