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Hi there, Kari here. I’m reaching out with a lifeline for all busy nonprofit leaders. Most days, I receive at least one email from a nonprofit organization inquiring as to a best practice sample or template to make their workday more efficient, and their work more fun! I’ve been keeping a running list of the most requested documents from nonprofit Execs and nonprofit boards and created two toolkits for your use.

Each toolkit provides samples and templates that are current, working documents for your use. These documents align with current nonprofit best practices (and the law, when applicable). Feel free to use as is, or (better yet), upload into Adobe, add your logo and edit to suit your organization’s needs.

What You Get with the Toolkit

Kari offers valuable insights to streamline your operations, optimize fundraising efforts, and chart a clear path for your nonprofit’s future success. Achieving success hinges on three crucial aspects: prioritizing your team, adopting a winning fundraising strategy, and crafting a well-defined roadmap to reach your goals.

Kari will work with you to build solid relationships, create processes that work for your organization, deliver WOW-factor fundraising results and helps you navigate the inevitable change that comes to your nonprofit


Board of Director's Toolkit

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Executive Directors's Toolkit

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Executive Director's Toolkit


Developing leadership with Kari is like having your own dedicated cheerleader by your side. With more than two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, Kari has worn many hats, from being a dedicated nonprofit staffer and a skilled fundraiser to holding positions as an executive director and a board member. Having walked the same path as you, Kari empathizes with the challenges that come with these roles and is eager to share her wealth of experience with you.

Build With Leadership

Kari’s understand that you firmly believe that work culture is shaped from the highest echelons of leadership. As a leader within your organization, it’s your responsibility to lead by example, uphold the company’s mission consistently, strategize for the long-term, and be prepared for unforeseen challenges.

That’s easier said than done.

Build With People

Your nonprofit organization has a diverse array of individuals who play pivotal roles in driving its success, including donors, volunteers, staff, board members, advisors, and partners. Effectively leading and motivating these distinct groups may pose challenges, but it’s an essential responsibility to sustain and advance your organization’s mission.

build with people

Building with people means developing a collaborative team culture where stakeholders utilize their respective strengths to support the mission. The efforts of volunteers build on the work of staff, which builds on the impact of donors and so on. Kari will work with you to engage these groups for improved performance, retention and financial gain.

coaching services

Building with strategy means designing a course of action that uses organizational resources to achieve a major goal. The process involves different stakeholders and a high level of communication to develop an easy to follow strategy. We’ll help you facilitate crucial conversations, clarify roles and plan strategically.

Build With Strategy

You’re the type of person who constantly keeps their eyes on the target. In terms of your nonprofit’s mission, you’re always thinking about the smaller steps you’ll need to get there and how you can better serve your communities.

This is strategy.

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