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I’m BACK!  In case any of you have been keeping track, I’ve been noticeably absent this summer from your news feed.  No weekly blogs, no monthly newsletters.  Mostly quiet on social media.

I needed to take a break from some of work’s obligations.  To give my head some space to breathe.  And to enjoy a slice of summer in the Pacific Northwest and the Yellowstone region!

This is year #5 of Incite! Consulting Group (really?!?).  It was time for me to take a step back to reevaluate lots of things.  My brand, for starters.  The kind of work I do.  The type of client I choose to work with.  Where to invest my time, talent and treasure.


I’ve made some decisions about how I’m spending my time, and with whom.

To that end, I’m saying “no” to quite a bit of work.  Why?

When I decided to “retire” from the nonprofit sector and start Incite! Consulting, I chose my favorite type of work from this sector to offer to nonprofits.  People, fundraising, strategy.  I do my best work when I operate in this space.  When I’ve “dabbled” in work that’s not in these categories, it’s been good, but not great.  When you choose to invest in my services, I want you to receive my best.  So, moving forward, you may be hearing “no” from me if the project doesn’t fit.  Thanks for understanding.


You’ll see some changes – some subtle, some not so much, in the upcoming months. The blog and newsletter schedule will change slightly.  You’ll be receiving a survey asking YOU to inform the content of these postings.  I’d certainly appreciate hearing your voice.


I’m offering a “Board Tune Up” course – either as a stand alone for your board, or as a part of your annual board retreat.  This offering is in response to many of you sharing that only having one or two board members attend annual training sessions isn’t doing enough to change the culture and work patterns on the board.

And, due to popular demand, I’m extending the hours for “Nonprofit Therapy” on Mondays.  Office hours are now 9-5 for these free, 1/2-hour slots to talk about anything that’s on your mind.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, most of you don’t need to hire me (or any other consultant, for that matter).  You are smart, capable business people, and just need a safe space to talk through “the thing” – board governance, how to ask for a raise, your fundraising pitch, how to gracefully let a staff member go.  Save the money to hire me for something big.


Have a great fall!