Last spring, a peer of mine and I were having coffee, catching up on what was new in each of our professional lives.  We were swapping stories about challenges that we were seeing in the communities we served, particularly, boards that seemed to not understand their work, or how to go about board work.

Mid way through our meeting, she mentioned something to me that stopped me from finishing my coffee.

“You know, we keep investing in board members to attend professional development trainings.  Especially those that cover board governance.  These board members attend the session, come back with great ideas, the board seems to embrace the best practices, and then… a stall.  Or worse, a back slide.”

With a twinkle in her eye, she said, “How about you create a board governance training with a twist?”

Intrigued, I asked, “What’s the twist”?

“This training can’t just be for one or two board members.  The entire board needs to attend.  That way, everyone learns together.  And, once they are back around the board table, everyone is accountable, together.”

Bingo.  Last summer, I developed Board Tune Up.   It’s a four-hour skills retreat- for your entire board – that gets everyone on the same page as a governing unit and their individual roles as organizational ambassadors.

I started offering Board Tune Up this fall.  And, here’s what I’ve heard back from clients who have invested in this session for their board.

Investing in those who volunteer to ensure that your nonprofit is legally and financially solid is a sound business decision.  Is this the year that you’re ready to invest in a Board Tune Up?  I hope so.