An informal poll of clients I serve shows that at least 27% of nonprofit leaders aren’t receiving a review by the board – YIKES!  Worse yet, research by Gallup shows that only 14 percent of employees strongly agreed they were inspired to grow and improve by their performance reviews. This combination of lack of attention to leadership growth and lack of efficacy when there is attention to it, is dangerous.

If you are a nonprofit board chair or nonprofit Executive Director, I can offer you some ways to provide feedback in a constructive and inspiring manner.

Keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind:

As a leader and manager, it’s your responsibility to help your employees grow. By knowing what to do — and what not to do — during a performance review, you can provide constructive feedback that will empower your people to consistently improve and advance.

Are employee evaluations challenging for you? I can support you by developing an effective evaluation form, suggesting a schedule, and providing coaching through the process. Contact me to find out how we can work together.