Revolutionizing Nonprofit Operations: 4 Tips


Revolutionizing Nonprofit Operations: 4 Tips to Modernize Outdated Systems “A bad system will beat a good person every time.”– W. Edwards Deming I was talking with a friend a while […]


Effective Board Governance is the foundation for the success for nonprofit organizations.

Have you ever looked at another nonprofit organization with a hint of envy? You know the organization that makes it look easy. Their messaging is on point. They are a […]

Time for your Nonprofit’s Midyear Checkup

Midyear Checklist

It’s summertime and believe it or not that means 2022 is halfway over. Don’t panic! Early in my nonprofit career, I associated summer with a little slowdown. People were traveling […]

Are you playing chicken with your 501c3 status?


We are nearing  the 20th anniversary of the enactment of Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The WHAT?  The act, which focuses on financial transparency and corporate accountability, addresses specific questions relating to nonprofits […]

Building Scaffolding for your Freedom

building scaffolding

You can often catch me saying “Hope is not a strategy” and “structure gives you freedom” What do these KariCatchPhrases actually mean? It means that when you do the hard […]

Take the EWWW Out From Performance Review


Employee performance appraisal systems (the dreaded annual review) tend to get a bad rap. After all, who hasn’t heard about — or experienced — a bad performance appraisal? At worst, an annual review can feel like an ambush, a morale killer or a complete waste of time for staff. But when we do this correctly, effective performance appraisals can empower your team and improve your group’s ability to fulfill its mission.