Nonprofit Financials & When to End a Program

Nonprofit Financials & When to End a Program

Ending a community program is never easy. Considering the amount of time, energy and money that goes into planning, then launching and managing these initiatives, the decision to end a […]

Nonprofit Budgeting Best Practices

Nonprofit Budgeting Best Practices

Nonprofit budgeting isn’t the most eye-catching topic. Many of us were raised to avoid conversations around money, and we’ve carried that logic into the professional world. Because in the nonprofit […]

Is Diversified Funding REALLY That Important?


In February, I talked about the importance of prioritizing diversified funding. After Amazon announced its Amazon Smiles program would be closing, several of my clients and colleagues discussed what this […]

Prioritizing Diversified Funding Sources

Funding Strategy

Amazon’s announcement last month that it would be ending its Amazon Smile program brought the topic of diversified funding to the forefront for me. I have had several clients and […]

2023 Kick Off List

nonprofit Kickoff List

Do these 12 things to set your nonprofit up for success in 2023! Get Your Social Media Strategy Squared Away Many of you operate in small shops, and keeping on […]

Incite! Referral Document- 2022 Edition


It’s that time of year when budgets are being inked for fiscal 2023. You’ve often reached out to ask me, “Kari if I wanted to contract with a professional that […]