Since my early days as a Development Director, I have paid close attention to my personal donor experiences. This includes how easy an organization makes it for me to donate and the follow-up that I receive after.  Sometimes the thank you is prompt, creative, and engaging. Other times it comes a little late. Then there are times that I hear nothing until I receive another solicitation in the mail. Ouch!

Thank you letters always come up when I talk about fundraising best practices with nonprofit clients. However, thank yous are just one piece of a broad donor communications plan that impacts many parts of your organization. Donor communications reflect your organization’s commitment to building trust and being transparent. The stories you tell and the information you share sends a message about your long-term viability, growth, and community impact. So, what message is your organization sending?

Transparency Matters

A recent Bloomerang article stated that 70% of first-time nonprofit donors won’t make a second gift. With a statistic like this, it is increasingly important for your organization to build a relationship with donors that inspires ongoing support. As such, open communication and transparency are key.

What’s the big deal about transparency, anyway?  Transparency helps your organization:

Here are 6 Tips To Increase Your Nonprofit’s Transparency

As you work to apply these tips to your organization, I encourage you to also utilize time at a staff and board meeting to talk about transparency. Get feedback from those close to you about how your organization can improve communication, strengthen relationships, and continue working towards a culture that supports transparency.

If you want to talk more about this topic, reach out. I’d love to continue the conversation!

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