What’s the impact of our work?

The shift toward accountability Nonprofits must demonstrate the impact of the organization’s work. Depending on the mission, impact can be examined as it pertains to clients, the community, the problem, […]

Measuring the Impact of Your Volunteers

Volunteer Evaluations Your Volunteer Plan should include processes and protocols for evaluating volunteers. We often neglect this important work. It must be done, and you want to make sure your […]

Going After Public Grants

Federal grants can be a great resource for nonprofits. A good practice is to have diversified funding/revenue streams for your organization. Strive for 30/30/30—about 30 percent from private foundations, 30 […]

Measuring the Impact of Our Work

Impact over Output This week, we continue exploring data to drive us toward positive results. It is important for all of us in the nonprofit sector to be able to […]

Personnel Documents

Managing employees is an important part of your nonprofit. The documents relating to employee management, thus, are another important set of documents for your nonprofit—much like the organizational documents we […]

Evaluating Your Volunteers

Volunteers are important to our nonprofit organizations. A really great volunteer program is going to have a process for evaluating volunteers. If you aren’t evaluating your volunteers, you are not […]

Program Evaluation Resources

We’ve explored evaluation topics for several weeks and want to offer one more week of evaluation information—focusing on tools and resources. There are many compelling reasons to evaluate—your staff, your […]