Nonprofit Financials & When to End a Program

Nonprofit Financials & When to End a Program

Ending a community program is never easy. Considering the amount of time, energy and money that goes into planning, then launching and managing these initiatives, the decision to end a […]

Nonprofit Budgeting Best Practices

Nonprofit Budgeting Best Practices

Nonprofit budgeting isn’t the most eye-catching topic. Many of us were raised to avoid conversations around money, and we’ve carried that logic into the professional world. Because in the nonprofit […]

How to Recruit Board Members

Recruiting Board Members in the Nonprofit Sector Acquisition takes more time, energy and money than retention. Whether the acquisition is for customers, donors, or board members, this is a fact […]

Board Member Fade Can Be Avoided

avoid new board member fade

What is “new board member fade”? Have you ever experienced this scenario- you recruit a new board member and are really excited about them and what they will bring to […]

Building Scaffolding for your Freedom

building scaffolding

You can often catch me saying “Hope is not a strategy” and “structure gives you freedom” What do these KariCatchPhrases actually mean? It means that when you do the hard […]


nonprofit board member meeting

I have a pop quiz for you today. Surprise! What the heck is the purpose of a board self-assessment? A:   To ensure that boards are fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. […]



Time to plan your next board retreat! To help you along, I’m going to tell you what a board retreat isn’t and dispel some of the myths about this oft-misunderstood […]