Last week, I posted about some ways we can keep using video conferencing without burnout and bad habits. This week, I’m focusing on the details and what you can do to be more effective and present 15, 10 and 5 minutes before your meeting.

15 minutes before your meeting

  • Re- review any documents/meeting items.
  • Stand up, stretch and get some fresh air.
  • If you are screen sharing any documents, have them open if you are the host or have presenting responsibility.

10 minutes before

  • Brush your teeth- especially if you had spinach or black pepper for lunch!
  • Check your area- what’s within your screen view?
  • Log into the meeting.
  • Check your video, microphone and speakers.

5 minutes before your meeting

  • Turn phone to silent.
  • Grab a fresh glass of water.
  • Start the meeting if you are the host. It’s ok to keep your video and mic off until a minute or 2 before start time.

Meetings are a necessary part of running your organization and I want to help you conduct them in the best way possible. I hope you get to connect with donors and staff more often in 2021, whether it’s in person or on Zoom and I also hope they are productive.