Roughly one-third of all charitable giving happens in the month of December. Don’t miss out on year-end fundraising opportunities. I have several charities I support during this time of year, and I’ve been involved in many end-of-year efforts at my own nonprofits.

     Now is the time to implement year-end fundraising efforts. You are probably thinking about this already and, if not, don’t worry, it’s not too late.

     Cause Vox offer a few suggestions.

1.       Plan early

2.      Use friends

3.      Build good partnerships

4.      Make sure the community is aware of your efforts

5.      Segment your donors for the best ask possible

6.      Connect donors with volunteer opportunities

7.      Use current donors in peer-to-peer efforts

8.      Use the impact of your work in your messaging

9.      Frequent the social media sites

10.  Secure a matching donor

11.  Consider a phone-a-thon

     Read more at Cause Vox.

     Crafting your message is an important part of your year-end fundraising efforts. I find it best to use a tone of gratitude and thanks, as those topics are on everyone’s minds during this time of year.

     Segment your donors and tailor your message appropriately. Use informal and conversational language.

     And, most importantly, don’t forgot the ask!

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