As we celebrate our nation’s independence, take a moment to think about America’s very first volunteers—our founding fathers and those who fought for our independence. These brave people gave their time (and many gave their life) to create a better world for them and their families.

Happy Independence Day!

Nonprofit volunteers are an important part of many fundraising activities (volunteers can be some of your most loyal donors, as well). Volunteers tell their friends, family and colleagues about the work they do with your organization, including their giving.

If your nonprofit has an annual giving program, if your nonprofit is contemplating a capital campaign; if your nonprofit seeks to expand its donor base; if your nonprofit hosts fundraising events…these activities are most successful if you have a solid body of volunteers to help.

Volunteer Hub suggests volunteer fundraisers can be more effective than staff, as they are so passionate about your mission, they are working for free! These are the volunteers who will view fundraising as meaningful work and, as such, will be an inspiration to others.

Volunteers as Fundraisers

If you are struggling with finding volunteers for fundraising work, try these five steps.

1.      Identify skills and characteristics necessary for success at your fundraising activity.

2.      Solicit fundraising volunteers from your current pool of volunteers and your board of directors.

3.      Create a specific list of tasks for fundraising volunteers.

4.      Train your volunteers!

5.      Provide detailed and specific instructions for tasks doable by a volunteer.

Recruiting Volunteer Fundraisers

As you begin to engage volunteers in fundraising efforts, remember these “Do’s” and “Don’t’s”.

DO train your volunteers.

DON’T stifle enthusiasm and creativity.

DO provide materials and support.

DON’T forget to say Thank you!

DO track progress.

Volunteer Do’s and Don’t’s