We finish October with a final week of news and information about fundraising events.

     Events can be used to reach new audiences for your nonprofit organization.

     I was a part of a great example of this a few years ago when I worked for a Girl Scout Council. We had a golf tournament fundraiser each year to reach fathers (and other males). We had female golfers, too, of course. We engaged fathers, board members, husbands of troop leaders and staff to serve on the planning committee and help recruit players. The tournament was very successful!

     Many organizations use a walk or 5K run as a fundraiser. Like a golf tournament, a walk/run event can be used as an effective public relations tool as it’s a way to share news about your nonprofit with people who may not have another way to learn about your work.

     Beside the event itself, think of how many people you see regularly who wear a t-shirt advertising a run/walk event they were a part of…. this event lives on well past the event!

     Raffles can be a great add-on for fundraising events and can be an event alone. With good contacts to help secure free (or low cost) lodging and travel arrangements, a nonprofit can promote a Fabulous Travel Adventure as a raffle item.

     Tips for raffle success include:

     A trip to a popular vacation spot is a good item; adventure opportunities are good, too. Consider finding a donated box for a major sporting event, tickets for a hard-to-get concert or theatre performance, a flight over the Grand Canyon or ride in a hot air balloon, etc.

     Sell a limited number of tickets and advertise that limited number so people are aware of their odds of winning.

     Make it easy to purchase a ticket; use in-person sales, online sales, booth sales, etc. Have contests among board or staff members to award the person who sells the most tickets.

     Be consistent and regular with your promotion.

     Do have some sort of publicized event when you draw for the winner. If you call to inform the winner, do so in front of an audience.

     Follow up with the winner to share photos and testimonials about how the trip was great fun. Also let everyone know how much money you raised and what you were able to do with those funds.
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