Membership programs are a means of encouraging giving and involvement with nonprofit organizations. Your organization can extend additional engagement opportunities to members in exchange for donations in the form of membership fees. This week, we offer information and resources for creating a membership program.

    More and more nonprofits are choosing to create a membership program to realize many benefits. Here’s a few steps to get started.

    First, analyze your audience. Know your donors and build a plan corresponding to their values and beliefs.

    Second, establish membership fees and determine if you want to offer tiers of membership with increasing benefits.

    The third step is determining what those benefits will be and connecting benefits with levels of membership.

    Fourth, create your appeal letter, make it straight forward and to the point and tailored for your audience.

   The fifth step is to utilize social media to solicit, promote and share information about your membership program.

    Check out these resources for developing a membership program.
Creating a Nonprofit Membership Program
Nonprofit Membership Programs

   If you use volunteers to deliver programs or assist in other ways at your nonprofit, you may want to consider a membership program if one is not in place. Volunteers reap many benefits from membership programs. Learn more from Engaging Volunteers.

   Blue Avocado offers common mistakes to avoid.