Executive Director’s Toolkit


Board of Director’s Toolkit
Boost leadership with the Executive Director’s Toolkit by Kari Anderson: 30-60-90 days, goals, time management, and more. Elevate your leadership effortlessly!



Executive Director’s Toolkit by Kari Anderson

  • Your “first 30-60-90 days on the job” to-do list
  • An annual performance objective template
  • A sample agenda for weekly staff one on one meetings & board chair meeting
  • Two for one a fund development plan template AND sample
  • A defined departure succession planning template
  • An editable employee handbook
  • My top tricks for managing your time and ensuring self-care (for you and your team)
  • A checklist for how the Board of Directors can help retain their Executive Director
  • My resource guide for top contractors and tech tools
  • A donor stewardship calendar
  • Sample Executive Compensation policy
  • A decision matrix that defines “who’s responsible for what” decisions at your business
  • Bonus gift: An annual board calendar with critical governance “to-do’s