Keynote Speaking

Connect with Kari, leveraging over two decades of expertise. Elevate your nonprofit by tapping into her seasoned insights, fostering community service, and advancing your organizational mission. Benefit from her impactful keynote speaking to propel your initiatives.

Why Kari and Incite Make a Difference to Your Nonprofit 501(c)3

Get in touch with Kari, an experienced consultant specializing in empowering 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to enhance their fundraising efforts. With a wealth of knowledge amassed over more than two decades, Kari is ready to guide your nonprofit towards success.

Unlock the potential of your organization by harnessing Kari’s seasoned insights. Her expertise goes beyond mere advice; she actively fosters community service, creating connections that drive your mission forward. Through Kari’s guidance, your nonprofit can achieve more than just financial goals – it can become a force for positive change.

Experience the impact of Kari’s keynote speaking engagements. These aren’t just talks; they’re catalysts for action. Propel your initiatives to new heights with her engaging and motivational presentations. Kari doesn’t just speak; she inspires and mobilizes, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

In the realm of nonprofit fundraising, Kari is more than a consultant – she’s a partner in your journey toward making a meaningful impact. Connect with her to elevate your nonprofit’s potential and amplify the positive change you aim to achieve.

Topics Covered in Nonprofit Keynotes:

Let’s discuss the best topics, format and delivery for your event. We’ll work together to present engaging and actionable information to your audience.


Raise the Roof with Virtual Event Partners

Virtual Events are here to stay! Tune in 5:20 to view my presentation and stay for the rest of the great speakers.

Getting Your Leadership Over the Virtual Hump

Enjoy my presentation that addresses lack of on-line giving and how it affects your fund development plan.

Engaging Donors Virtually and Making the Ask

Watch my presentation on how to take control of your fund development tactics and how to integrate your efforts.


Follow Kari as she travels around the world helping save nonprofits. Tune in to her live webinars and learn practical tips on all things nonprofit.