If you have a great membership program, you certainly want to keep your members!

 The things I’ve been a member of are usually things that align with my own interests. The reasons I’ve renewed a membership, however, are different than the reasons I joined an organization.

 When I’ve joined an organization, it has been because I believe the organization is working on a mission or providing services that are important to me—the national humane society promoting adoption and spay/neuter programs, for example.

 The organizations I’ve renewed memberships with have typically offered a membership benefit that I’ve taken advantage of—lower entry fees in sports car event with membership to the local chapter of a national sports car club, for example. I’ve received tangible value from the memberships I’ve maintained for many years.

 Sometimes, membership has brought useful information, like an online cooking club providing new recipes and cooking videos.

 And, from time to time, I’ve belonged to a membership program of a nonprofit solely to provide income through my membership fee for the work the organization performs.

 If you are thinking about membership renewals at your organization, consider these things. Target your membership appeals and renewals to make sure your organizational efforts align with your members values.

 Find and use more than one way to share news and information with members—email, printed materials, texts, etc.

 Remind your members to renew—early and often—using more than one way to reach members.

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