Have you been a part of a nonprofit organization changing Executive Director leadership? If you answered yes, you know it can be a confusing time for employees and board members. Leadership changes may look like a whirlwind taking over the organization. However, a change in leadership also provides an opportunity to reassess the organization’s strengths and challenges. It can also help refocus and motivate staff towards achieving goals.

During these transitions, it is critical that staff, board members, donors, and partners have confidence that the organization can carry out its daily operations. There needs to be someone in charge of navigating this process.

Interim Executive Director Services helps organizations during the period of time when an Executive Director has left and a new person hasn’t been hired.

Here are all the details you need on Interim Executive Director Services (IES)

What are Interim Executive Director Services (IES)?

Interim Executive Director Services (IES) strengthens nonprofit organizations by providing interim leaders with nonprofit leadership development training. These leaders are responsible for assessing organizational needs, building internal capacity, executing priorities, and paving the path for the next leader. IES leaders are temporary and only work for an organization for a limited time.

Why Do You need to Hire Interim Executive Director Services (IES)?

The exit of an Executive Director, regardless of the reason, creates a period of transition for the organization. During this time, staff and board members must understand the goals of the organization and design strategies to achieve them. As the Board of Directors works to determine the hiring process and immediate next steps, hiring an Interim Executive Director can be a powerful way to ensure the team remains focused on daily operations and long-term goals.

An Interim Executive Director can be beneficial for a variety of reasons.

1. They can stabilize the organization into fixed patterns that the following leader would expect in order to achieve pre-set long-term goals.

2. Provide an objective assessment of current governance and operations going on within the organization.

3. Establish short-term priorities to strengthen the organization.

4. Guide, empower, and support the leadership team, staff, and the board in creating short-term actions that will be beneficial for the company in the long term.

How Does IES Work?

When hired, an interim leader first learns about the organization. This includes its current situation, needs, concerns of the board and the staff members regarding the organization, and expectations that the organization holds from the interim leader.

The interim leader then starts to work to achieve the goals that the organization has set. A written report will be provided to the board, including assessments of the priorities and actions that need to be taken. Additionally, they will give input to the board about the required skill sets and knowledge expected from the next leader.

If your organization is undergoing a change in Executive Director leadership and you’d like to learn more about IES, let’s chat! Incite! Consulting provides Interim Executive Director Services and can help walk you through the process to ensure a smooth transition.

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