This week, we continue exploring fundraising at the end of the year, focusing on Giving Days as a popular year-end strategy.

You can pick any day you want to have a giving day for your organization. It’s particularly popular (and lucrative) fundraising activity with college and universities. It can be a great opportunity for any nonprofit. If your organization is affiliated with a national group or association, you may have the opportunity to participate in a group giving day event.

There is one global giving day that I’ve used very successfully. And it’s just around the corner, tied to the holiday season of giving thanks. #Giving Tuesday is a very well-known and effective Giving Day that provides resources and connections to strengthen individual organizational efforts.

Coming a few days after the infamous Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza, #Giving Tuesday offers nonprofits a common marketing platform to take advantage of a global effort aimed at philanthropy. #Giving Tuesday provides a connection between donors looking for their year-end cause and nonprofits working on those causes.

An excellent advantage to joining the #Giving Tuesday movement are the ready-made marketing materials and connections with other organizations you will receive when you participate. The global presence of #Giving Tuesday gives you an expanded reach, otherwise nearly impossible for any sized nonprofit to achieve.

#Giving Tuesday is fueled by social media and worldwide collaboration.

Your social media outlets are key to a successful #Giving Tuesday. Craft your hashtag, use scheduling software to schedule posts, tweets and other social media action regularly between now and midnight on #Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

Reach out to everyone connected to your organization and who have social media connections. Ask them to share your #Giving Tuesday posts. Ask them to ask their social media contacts to share your #Giving Tuesday posts.

Go viral!

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