The COVID-19 outbreak may have unfortunately uncovered some holes in your nonprofit policies, processes and analysis. That’s ok. The good news is that you’ve probably experienced few crises or have weathered them heartily thus far. I think we can all agree that this pandemic is unlike anything we’ve experienced, however. Use this time to review and update some key items that can help you now and down the road. 


Keep Staff Informed by Committing to Weekly Communication 

When creating certainty, communication wins every time. Period. Demonstrating that you are taking a proactive, yet prudent approach will go a long way to calming any fears or concerns. Based on the actions suggested below, determine your course of action and use that as your first all-staff email. Publish something this week if you have not already.

While you may not have answers to everything (like travel policies), do communicate that such decisions will be forthcoming. Lastly, ask for suggestions from your team on any of the below. Calmly navigating through any situation is a team sport.


Heighten the Level of Workplace Safety & Cleanliness

Because the workplace is a gathering place for your team and customers, think about taking measures to ramp up safety and hygiene. (Honestly, this is always a good idea.)

Update Your Travel, Work-from-Home and Leave of Absence (LOA) Policies

Many organizations have issued travel bans and voluntary work-from-home policies. Determine what is right for your organization based on geographic location, type of business and business needs. Let us remember that we need to be safe, but also support business continuity. Here are some actions to take:


Secure Your Cash Flow

Many businesses are already feeling the economic impact on their revenue. Because a key unknown is how long this situation will last, securing cash flow and keeping employees productive is critical.

For now, here is the quick list of considerations:

As I write this, things are changing drastically from the way they were yesterday. You’ve worked hard to build this nonprofit and you can continue to do such that. Work can actually bring a surprising level of normalcy to un-normal times like these. If you are confused, overwhelmed or need resources, schedule a FREE call with me and we can work through this new phase.