2023 Kick Off List

nonprofit Kickoff List

Do these 12 things to set your nonprofit up for success in 2023! Get Your Social Media Strategy Squared Away Many of you operate in small shops, and keeping on […]

Board Member Fade Can Be Avoided

avoid new board member fade

What is “new board member fade”? Have you ever experienced this scenario- you recruit a new board member and are really excited about them and what they will bring to […]

The Big Event Question Mark


We’ve had a lot of events cancelled outright lately. But now we’re entering a new no-person’s land of should we or shouldn’t we march ahead with “Our Thing”? This post will give you a few ideas on how to approach the discussion and issues to consider. 

It’s All About the Volunteers

We explored volunteers in nonprofits during the month of April because they are very important to the nonprofit sector and to the individuals who choose to volunteer. This year, 63 […]

Measuring the Impact of Your Volunteers

Volunteer Evaluations Your Volunteer Plan should include processes and protocols for evaluating volunteers. We often neglect this important work. It must be done, and you want to make sure your […]

Valuing Volunteer Time

Volunteers can make it possible for your nonprofit organization to deliver programs and services to more people and at lower costs. An additional value, sometimes not considered, is the time […]