Meet Kari

I launched Incite! Consulting Group to provide organizational leadership, fundraising strategies and systems overhaul to small and medium size nonprofits. My coaching with nonprofit leaders – board, executive and staff – uses best practices, industry research, real-time stories from the field and the school of hard knocks.

In my consulting practice, to date I’ve provided board education and retreat facilitation, executive director coaching, staff trainings, strategic, fund development and succession planning services to over 200 nonprofit groups.

And, here’s my confession – I created a mess along the way. Most of the challenges I faced – challenges with staff, volunteer revolts, board mutiny, crisis fundraising, bad PR and no exit strategies – were of my doing. I have the scraped knees and bloodied chins from thinking I could do this on my own, that I didn’t need to delegate, that I could use volunteers as doormats, that thank you was not important.

If you’re a nonprofit executive, there seems to be one common denominator. No play book. No manual. Nobody told you what really encompassed your job, how to do it, and what kind of time it would take. Moreover… how to spend your time and whom to spend it with. What if I told you that I have this manual and that I want to share it with you?

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