How many of the following would you answer ‘yes’ to:

  • Is your donor base dilapidated?
  • Is your board bloated and/or anemic and/or filled with talkers but not doers?
  • Is your donor database an Excel spreadsheet?
  • Have you developed a deep sense of empathy for hamsters and their furious yet futile efforts to get somewhere on their hamster wheels?

If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these and you want to fix it, but aren’t quite sure how, keep reading. (Or stop now and pop me a note because I can fix all those things in short order.)

Why me, Kari Anderson?

I like change. I like it a lot. I don’t just embrace it when it lands in my lap. I actively seek it out. (What can I say? I’m from Montana. I like me a good dust up.)

Truly, I love nothing more than walking into an organizational mess, rolling up my sleeves, taking everything apart, figuring out what needs fixing and what needs to get the heave-ho, and then putting what’s left back together so it’s better than ever.

I get you, nonprofit leader reading this. I get you because I’ve been you. I have quite literally sat in your seat and walked in your shoes (maybe not your exact shoes because I mainly wear heels or ski boots but you get my meaning).

I get that there’s no playbook for your job and how frustrating that is. I get how hard you hustle to raise money and keep your board happily engaged. I get that you feel lonely and tired and like the weight of the world rests unrelentingly on your shoulders.

I have worked in the nonprofit sector for 22 years as either a fundraiser or an executive director. I get nonprofits because I’ve lived and breathed this world my entire career.

To a great extent, I’m good at what I do now because I messed up a lot along the way. I’ve got the bumps, bruises, and tales from the trenches to prove it. I treated volunteers like doormats and thought thank you notes were overrated. That’s embarrassing to say. But it’s true. Luckily, I learned from all this. And now I’m on a mission to make sure other nonprofit leaders don’t make the same mistakes I did!

A few things I believe in:

  • Building relationships that will withstand the test of time. No “one and done” donors.
  • Being accountable. To myself, my clients, and the communities and people they serve.
  • Saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to get done.
  • Best practices and data-driving decision-making.
  • Getting results.
  • Taking calculated risks.
  • Laughing whenever possible and (more or less) appropriate.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with more than 200 nonprofits and their leaders doing board education, retreat facilitation, executive director coaching, staff trainings, strategic, fund development, and succession planning.

You can learn more about my services right here.

If you like what you read, get in touch. I’d love to help.

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