Coaching Services

I get nonprofits because I’ve been there. I have sat in your seat and walked in your shoes as a nonprofit staffer, fundraiser, executive director and board member. Whether you are a new nonprofit executive, making a transition or need some support in your established career, there’s no playbook for how nonprofits operate. Instead, what I bring is 24 years of experience, over 200 satisfied clients and in-depth industry knowledge to guide you, your organization and staff.

Is it time for the next level? Or a lane change? Or an accountability partner? I’ll work with you to identify your goals that guide us to a plan that works for you. We’ll discuss habits (good and bad), strengths, passions and professional aspirations before plugging them into a time frame that allows you to see success.

Each Coaching Services package is customized to the individual or group, but you can expect to receive:

– A detailed start-up plan

– Scheduled meetings via phone or video conference.

– Post- meeting summaries and insights.

– Homework!

– Ability to schedule meetings to address specific issues, concerns or emergent issues.

“As a young leader in a new position, I felt a bit aimless and worried about the future of this organization that I was now charged with leading. Kari helped me set priorities, develop my vision, and lead in accordance with my personal, professional, and organizational mission. Kari is a ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ person, which is exactly what I needed! Her approach helped me bring our organization to the next level. Thank you Kari for all you have done to help us.”

Shelby Moore, MPA, CFRE
Executive Director

Schedule a free consultation with me to determine how coaching from Incite! can propel your career and productivity.

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