Work with Kari

When you are frustrated that there is no playbook for your job, tired from the unrelenting hustle of fundraising and discouraged about your board’s performance, Incite! has the insight.

I get you because I’ve been you. I have quite literally sat in your Executive Director seat and walked in your shoes (maybe not your exact shoes because I mainly wear heels or ski boots but you get it).

Through consulting, keynote speaking or coaching services, Incite! provides experienced guidance and practical, actionable information to help you build your organization, event or career.

Take a look through my services that bring people, fundraising and strategy together.

Build Your Nonprofit

Incite! services will help you get your nonprofit off the ground or navigate change in a established organization.

I offer both customized plans and packages to help you build and strengthen your nonprofit from the inside out.

Keynote Speaking

My presentations are designed to inspire other nonprofits to build their organizations with strong leadership, efficient operations, storytelling and a healthy dose of fun.

I am available for your virtual and in-person conferences and events.

Coaching Services

Make the nonprofit world easier to navigate with a partner (and cheerleader) by your side.

Incite! works you to build the skills you need to improve performance.

Customized plans are available for both group and personal coaching.

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