Board members may be your organization’s most important group of volunteers. These volunteers set policy, review and develop programs, represent the community your nonprofit serves and supervise the executive director.

You should take special care with the challenging task of recruiting board member volunteers.

It is a challenge shared by many nonprofits. Board Effect, in a 2012 study, showed that 58 percent of nonprofit leaders faced this challenge. A few years later, Leading with Intent 2015, showed only 73 percent of CEOs believe they have the right board composition.

You must find balance with the dilemma of just “filling seats” on the board and having the perfect match.

Learn more from the National Council on Nonprofits.

A good plan for board recruitment, with ongoing processes, is essential to having a well-rounded, highly skilled board with skills and perspectives matching your organization’s mission. Read more about Board Recruitment here.

Think out of the box for your recruitment plans, going beyond your typical and usual contacts and networks to reach a broader group of possible volunteers. Compass Point has some ideas: Unique Recruitement Ideas.

Educating potential volunteer board members should be a part of your ongoing recruitment plans and processes. A volunteer will be most effective on your board when he or she is fully informed about the responsibilities and expectations of a board members—from the fiduciary aspect to the giving aspect.

This education process should include extensive information about your organization—the mission, the financial situation, fundraising activities, events, etc. Let prospective board members know how long the term would be, often a board member can be re-elected and other expectations, specific to your nonprofit.Board Source has resources for training potential volunteer board members.Board Member Recruitment Training.