This week, we continue providing information and resources on volunteers—focusing on recruitment and retention.

There are several simple steps to finding good volunteers. First, you must ask. Be as specific as possible communicating your volunteer needs. Focus on the benefits for the volunteer, not necessarily the needs of your organization. Make it easy for people to volunteer and to do their volunteer tasks. Provide opportunities for volunteers at all skill levels and differing time commitments.

Finding the perfect match between a willing volunteer and the needs of your nonprofit can be challenging. Much like shopping for shoes, you want to make sure you have a good fit; otherwise you may face future issues.

A solid volunteer plan will have useful information for recruitment, such as information on volunteer tasks with details sufficient for the volunteer to determine if it’s a good fit with skills and experiences.

Your plan should ensure recruiting volunteers is an ongoing part of your volunteer plan. Volunteers ebb and flow, they retire, move away or move on to other volunteer opportunities, thus recruitment is always happening. Your plan should include ongoing efforts and a myriad of methods to reach potential volunteers.

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Recruiting volunteers is the first step; retaining volunteers is next. A few simple things will help keep your volunteers coming back. Say thank you! Create a community of volunteers for peer support. Ensure volunteers have the tools and training enabling them to do their tasks effectively. Measure and share the impact of the volunteers who donate their time to your organization. Solicit feedback and input from your volunteers on their experience with your organization. Listen to that feedback and make adjustment as necessary.

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