It is now very clear that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) will impact us all. Everyone, regardless of age or health, has a role to play in slowing the spread of this virus. I’ve compiled some information from nonprofit associations around the country to share with you to help your organization prepare and respond to this pandemic.


How might COVID-19 impact your organization?

What should your organization be doing – RIGHT NOW?

Management – Meet with your staff:

What if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at work?

It is important that you are informed and prepared about public health issues that could impact your staff, clients and community. For updated information on COVID-19 and the impact to nonprofit organizations, please visit the National Council of Nonprofits.


Amidst the sea of emails carrying cancellations and tips for safeguarding your health against COVID-19, I want to offer you some considerations for safeguarding your mission and livelihood during this temporary setback. I’ve made a list of things to begin doing THIS WEEK that will position you competitively once we transition back to some normalcy.

Positivity gives you power

What’s the old adage?  Oh, that’s right:  “We become what we believe”. At a time like this, we need to resist the urge to believe the sky is falling.  Instead, seek all the examples of why the opposite is true. Folks, we don’t have a playbook to rely on for COVID-19 and we’re heading into uncharted waters.  I DO know that our emotional, mental and behavioral attitudes and mindset are our most powerful antidotes and change agents.

Stay the course

Your mission is even more important today than ever before. This isn’t the time to stop your campaign work.  If you are in a campaign or contemplating one – ask yourself this – is your need legitimate? If so, stay the course! (If your answer to that was no, let’s chat.) This isn’t the time to abandon your greatest mission needs.  Your constituency is depending on you. Your donors would not want you to.  And, they might desire more flexibility and creativity as they navigate a new normal.

Be creative

Look at this as an opportunity to strengthen and fortify your organization’s infrastructure.  Most importantly, look at this as an opportunity to solidify your relationship with your donors.


Lead, communicate, listen, repeat. 

These are confusing times and your supporters likely have family and jobs and all kinds of things to worry about. If you don’t reach out regularly and keep them tethered to the mission, they could easily drift away.

Express your mission digitally.

This doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive.

You’ve got the material.  Re-purpose it to keep energy and activity (and needs) high!

Keep your major gift efforts front and center – do not dial them back, just pivot the purpose.

Instead of going for the ask, use a virtual meeting to inform your donor of recent accomplishment or dive deeper into the project at hand.

Ensure your team and department are functioning optimally. 

Become a best practice! Consider conducting a quick assessment and creating a new strategy so that when things turn around (as we all know they will – remember the Great Recession?) you are first out of the gate!

Later this week, I’ll be posting some information about safety, policies and cash flow that may be affecting you right now. Stay tuned in my newsletter, on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram for updates.

Things are changing on a daily (hourly?) basis. Keep calm and carry on with your nonprofit you’ve worked so hard to build. If you are confused, overwhelmed or need resources, schedule a FREE call with me and we can work through this new phase.