Hi there, Kari here -reaching out with a lifeline for all busy nonprofit leaders. Most days, I receive at least one email from a nonprofit organization inquiring as to a best practice sample or template to make their workday more efficient, and their work more fun! l’ve been keeping a running list of the most requested documents from nonprofit Execs and nonprofit boards and created two toolkits for your use.

Each toolkit provides samples and templates that are current, working documents for your use. These documents align with current nonprofit best practices (and the law, when applicable). Feel free to use as is, or (better yet), upload into Adobe, add your logo and edit to suit your organization’s needs.

Executive Director’s Toolkit


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  • Your “first 30-60-90 days on the job” to-do list
  • An annual performance objective template
  • A sample agenda for weekly staff one on one meetings & board chair meeting
  • Two for one a fund development plan template AND sample
  • A defined departure succession planning template
  • An editable employee handbook
  • My top tricks for managing your time and ensuring self-care (for you and your team)
  • A checklist for how the Board of Directors can help retain their Executive Director
  • My resource guide for top contractors and tech tools
  • A donor stewardship calendar
  • Sample Executive Compensation policy
  • A decision matrix that defines “who’s responsible for what” decisions at your business
  • Bonus gift: An annual board calendar with critical governance “to-do’s

Board of Director’s Toolkit


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  • Best practice board officer job descriptions
  • Sample board committee job descriptions
  • A board matrix template
  • A board self-evaluation template
  • Templates for the most critical board policies
  • Bonus gift: board orientation agenda


I met Kari Anderson when Angel Wings Network won consulting time with her. The time Kari spent with Angel Wings gave a struggling little nonprofit a good basic organizational outline to follow as we dealt with a lot of struggles for the next 3-4 years. I was gone for about 9 months in 2017 taking care of my husband who died 12/22/2017. During the time I was gone the founder/director left the organization to pursue other ventures. The board held things together but raised little of the needed money to hold the organization together. I returned in March of 2018, Even though I had spent many years on nonprofit boards I was not sure the board and I could meet the challenge ahead of us. I came back as director armed with a lot of love for what we do to help cancer patients and a lot of determination. I also had that basic framework Kari had given us. In eight months we raised $44000. Our 2023 budget is $120000. 2022 was the first year we built a budge of $1000,00 and raised it. Thank you, Kari, for the time you spent with Angel Wings Network, Inc. Mabel Dobbs Executive Director, Angel Wings Network (Weiser, ID) Working with Kari for our strategic planning was an absolute delight! Kari was actively engaged throughout the process and provided tremendous guidance as our board planned our next three years. She listened, asked the right questions, and brought much-needed insight to the discussions. Our board approved the plan in October and we have a solid path to guide us in the years ahead! David Pettyjohn Executive Director, Idaho Humanities Council (Boise, ID) It is a pleasure working with Kari. Her knowledge of non-profit management and boards have proven to create immediate success within our organization. She is positive, solution oriented and able to recognize both small and large changes that will take our non-profit to the next level. I would recommend Incite Consulting and Kari for any of your organization’s needs. Dawn Newburg Executive Director, The ALS Association Nevada Chapter (Las Vegas, NV) Kari is incredibly generous and giving of her time and talent. She worked with our board to create a strategic plan and then outside the bounds of that contract, continued to support me as an early career executive director in navigating numerous nuanced challenges. She cared about me as a professional and was a thoughtful mentor throughout. Ethan Lobdell Executive Director, Jackson Hole Children’s Museum (Jackson, WY) Kari is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to how a nonprofit should run. She always seems to have the perfect blend of being personable and disarming while really digging into the heart of the matter, and I’ve seen her do tremendous good for a number of organizations. Phill Mollenkof Past Board Chair, Mountain Bike the Tetons (Driggs, ID) Buy Now

What you will get with the toolkit


Incite! can help you discover ways to operate efficiently, fundraise effectively and have a plan for the future. The key to success is the right attention to people that are part of your nonprofit, your fundraising approach and the strategy that leads you there.

Incite! works with you to build solid relationships, create processes that work for your organization, deliver WOW-factor fundraising results and helps you navigate the inevitable change that comes to your nonprofit

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Building with PEOPLE

You have a lot of people that can help you propel your nonprofit to success: donors, volunteers, staff, board, advisers and partners. Managing, training, inspiring and developing these vastly different groups can be a challenge.

I work with you to organize and communicate with your team so that you see improved performance, engagement, retention and financial gain.

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Building with FUNDRAISING

You’re a nonprofit. Fundraising is only way you’ll be here tomorrow for the people you serve. I’m here to help you consider your revenue streams, events, campaigns, and long term funding relationships so you can build a sustainable organization.

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Building with STRATEGY

Make the nonprofit world easier to navigate with a partner (and cheerleader) by your side.

Helping you facilitate crucial conversations, clarify roles and plan strategically fuels your non profit and feeds my passion.

Customized programs are available for both group and executive-level planning.

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