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Self-Paced course



Transforming the Nonprofit Executive – Moving from Surviving to Thriving is a 12-module in-depth course with nonprofit consultant Kari Anderson, Principal at Incite! Consulting Group.

Over 12 modules you will create a personalized executive director’s success manual including strategic ways to manage yourself for maximum effectiveness, develop your staff, partner with your board, achieve fund raising goals, maximize public relations opportunities, and create a succession plan with tools to ensure your organization has sustainability long term.

This course is a lifeline for overworked and burned out nonprofit leaders.  If you’re the executive director or chief executive officer at a nonprofit organization, and sometimes wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into, I created this for you!


Executive Director Training

  • Twelve training modules for new and experienced execs including video and uniquely designed workbooks.
  • Access to Kari’s nonprofit library of systems and structures including templates, policies, and samples for everything you need from time management templates, staff/volunteer on-boarding documents, board policies & procedures, fund development plan outlines, storytelling examples and succession plan samples.


Membership Site:

  • You will have 24/7 access to our membership site where you can access your training modules indefinitely. and improvements made to this course in the future.

You will also receive these amazing bonuses!

BONUS #1: Executive-Board Communication Calendar

I’ll include a sample of an annual board/executive communication calendar – a $300 value!

BONUS #2: Best-Practice Template – Exec-Board Roles
I’ll send you a best practice template that details the role of the board, the role of the executive director and your shared roles – a $200 value!

BONUS #3:  Incite! Mastermind 
Kari’s Transforming the Nonprofit Executive Private exclusive Facebook Community to help you network, learn, and connect- a $1200 value!

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Kari Anderson, Principal
Incite! Consulting Group
[email protected]

August 13th, 2022

Subject: Overwhelmed, Out of Time, and Underperforming?

Dear Surviving Nonprofit Executive, You took this position wanting to make a difference, right? You care deeply about your group’s mission, and most days still feel committed to the vision, scope of work and the people you serve. You have programs that you’re proud of, a budget you (mostly) understand and a supportive board. And… Things aren’t going that well, if you’re really honest with yourself. You don’t have a handle on your time – it feels like you’re putting out fires left and right, instead of tackling the important matters that would move your mission forward. You’re doing a horrible job of delegating to staff (if you have any), and your volunteers have run to the hills. You’re feeling micromanaged by your board, and have no fund development plan. (What is a fund development plan?) You duck at public speaking opportunities and wonder who’s going to carry on when you leave. And it feels like you should leave – now. If you boil down the above issues, there’s one common denominator. No play book. No manual. Nobody told you what your job really encompassed, how to do it, and what kind of time it would take. Moreover… no one every told you how to spend your time and whom to spend it with. What if I told you that I have this manual and I want to share it with you? In Transforming the Nonprofit Executive – Moving From Surviving to Thriving, I’ll share the blueprint of a nonprofit executive director’s success – how to manage self and coach staff, how to partner with your board and achieve fund raising goals, how to maximize public relations and create a succession plan for your organization. As a Nonprofit Exec, All You Really Want Is…

    • A handle on your time. A calendar that you manage, not the other way around.

    • A motivated and dedicated staff (paid or volunteer) who want to come to work, are excited about their roles and are team players.

    • A supportive board who understand their legal and financial skin in the game.

    • A clear and achievable fundraising plan. What are we really doing to diversify our revenue streams and ensure we have funds to fulfill our mission on an annual basis!?!?!

    • A polished public relations strategy – how to tell the best story to the right audience.

    • An (eventual) exit. Yes, you’ll leave, as will staff, volunteers and the board. You need a roadmap to ensure the business continues without you.

  • A plan to accomplish the above!

You’re overworked and burned out. Seriously questioning why you took this position or why you’re working in this sector. You’re disappointed in yourself, your board and your volunteers. Have no new ideas about fundraising and communication. You want to take your ball and go home. Maybe you:

    • Have taken a professional development course on time management, and have not implemented any of the suggestions?

    • Aren’t delegating key projects to staff and/or volunteers because “it would take too much time and effort to train them and it’s easier to do it yourself”?

    • Are frustrated with your board members’ engagement with you and critical business of raising money?

    • Have no idea how you’re going to hit your fundraising goals this year?

  • Dread any public speaking opportunity because you’re not sure what to say?
  • Secretly want to leave your organization, but stay because “whom else is going to take the job”?
  • If you feel like the nonprofit is running you, rather than the other way around, it’s time to change!

Let’s set you up with the Executive Director’s Success Manual (You know, the one you wish you had when you first got started.) Let's connect and I can show you the way to a better-working future. Warmest Regards

Kari Anderson
Incite! Consulting Group

Who Is Kari Anderson?

I launched Incite! Consulting Group to provide organizational leadership, fundraising strategies and systems overhaul to small and medium size nonprofits.  My coaching with nonprofit leaders  – board, executive and staff – uses best practices, industry research, real-time stories from the field and the school of hard knocks.

In my consulting practice, to date I’ve provided board education and retreat facilitation, executive director coaching, staff trainings, strategic, fund development and succession planning services to over 60 nonprofit groups.

Why does that matter to you?  Prior to launching my consulting firm, I spent 25+ years in key leadership roles with seven nonprofit organizations.  As the Executive Director or lead development staff, I focused on leadership, organizational change and fund development for Lutheran Social Services, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Heart Association, The Logan School for Creative Learning, Real Colorado Soccer, the Vail Valley Foundation and Central Washington University.

The bottom line: I’ve been you – and I’m good at it!

And, here’s my confession – I created a mess along the way.  Most of the challenges I faced – challenges with staff, volunteer revolts, board mutiny, crisis fundraising, bad PR and no exit strategies – were of my doing.  I have the scraped knees and bloodied chins from thinking I could do this on my own, that I didn’t need to delegate, that I could use volunteers as doormats, that thank you was not important.

I created Incite! Consulting Group, and the course Transforming the Nonprofit Executive – Moving From Surviving to Thriving, as a way to ensure that this path isn’t so lonely.

What can you expect from Transforming the Nonprofit Executive – Moving From Surviving to Thriving?

You can expect instruction and mentoring from someone who actually cares because I’ve been in your shoes – and survived!  I have real time, real world examples as to how to untangle the ball of string that has become your life as an exec, and I’m ready to help you create a better way!

In Transforming the Nonprofit Executive – Moving From Surviving to Thriving, you’ll come away with:

  • A calendar that you control with the types of meetings that move mission forward
  • A roadmap to motivate and retain staff and volunteers
  • A board development plan that includes recruitment and orientation processes
  • A fund development plan customized to your size and type of nonprofit
  • Three kinds of succession plans for your nonprofit

Your most important takeaways will be:

Moving from Reactive to Proactive
You’ll develop a calendar work model that allows you to schedule meaningful, fulfilling meetings that fulfill your organization’s mission.

Mastering Urgent vs. Important
Feel like the to-do list is never ending?  You’ll create a filter system that keeps your focus on the big picture items that are required of an Executive Director.

Creating a Structure for Success
Structure and planning are words you’ll come to love!   You’ll map out a plan that ensures that your critical areas of focus are addressed each week, month, quarter and year.

Transforming the Nonprofit Executive – Moving From Surviving to Thriving

  • 12-module course
  • All content immediately available following enrollment
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with Kari Anderson to answer all your questions
  • Access to an exclusive course Facebook group for an entire year following enrollment
Transforming the Nonprofit Executive – Moving From Surviving to Thriving is not what you might expect from a nonprofit consultant.  It’s your chance to schedule “nonprofit therapy” in a one-on-one setting and really move the needle with your own work plan.  This program is your virtual accountability partner, and you’ll have access real time to real world solutions to apply to the challenges you’re currently facing.

You’ll complete the program with tips and tools designed to move you from survival mode to a thriving executive.


My promise to you:

By the end of this program you’ll have created more than an executive director’s manual.  You’ll come away truly understanding your leadership role in the nonprofit sector.  You’ll have a new grasp on how you need to manage yourself to fulfill your organization’s mission.  Overall, you’ll have the tools to ensure that your organization has sustainability – during your tenure and when you decide to move on.

This program is for:

  • New executives –new to the organization, to the position or to the nonprofit sector!
  • Seasoned execs who have hit a wall. You desperately need some nonprofit therapy!
  • Senior staff who aspire to become an Executive Director. You want to lead, and want to position yourself with every tool you can when the right position appear.


Remember.  I’ve been here.  I know what it’s like to feel like you have no control, that you’re being run over by your staff and volunteers and micromanaged by your board.  That you have no handle on your budget and fundraising goals, and would like to bolt.

You can keep going it alone and not much changes.  You’ll make a little headway, take a couple of steps forward, hire a good staff member, retain a good board member, come close to hitting your development goals this year.

Or you can put an end to struggling and join my program where I’ll guide you from surviving in your role as Executive Director to thriving – and loving – your job again.


How often are lesson modules released?

  • The first module is available immediately after you register, and then a new module becomes available every seven days.

Is there a payment plan?

  • Yes. I offer a single payment option, and a three payment option.

How often do I have one on one calls with Kari Anderson?

  • During the 12-week program, you’ll have a total of three (3) half-hour calls to schedule at your convenience.  You will receive instruction on how to schedule your calls after you enroll.

How do I submit questions for the weekly Q&A?

  • You may submit your question by email in advance, or drop it in the chat box during the LIVE Q&A.

How do I access customer service?

  • Need customer service or have additional questions about the program? We’re happy to help!  Please call toll-free 844-986-2483.

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