What Makes a Good Board Member

Board membership is an experience that is impactful for both the individual member and the organization they’re serving. Nonprofits gain a knowledgeable, skilled, and connected community member, and the board […]

Preparing for Transitions in Leadership

If you ask me, there aren’t many universal truths in the world. One of the few is that change is inevitable, especially in the nonprofit sector. The older a nonprofit, […]

Revolutionizing Nonprofit Operations: 4 Tips


Revolutionizing Nonprofit Operations: 4 Tips to Modernize Outdated Systems “A bad system will beat a good person every time.”– W. Edwards Deming I was talking with a friend a while […]

Why Your Nonprofit Needs Contractors


In this post, I’ll explain why your organization needs contractors. Of course, take this advice as you’d like, but with over twenty years in this sector…