Revolutionizing Nonprofit Operations: 4 Tips


Revolutionizing Nonprofit Operations: 4 Tips to Modernize Outdated Systems “A bad system will beat a good person every time.”– W. Edwards Deming I was talking with a friend a while […]

Are you playing chicken with your 501c3 status?


We are nearing  the 20th anniversary of the enactment of Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The WHAT?  The act, which focuses on financial transparency and corporate accountability, addresses specific questions relating to nonprofits […]

Building Scaffolding for your Freedom

building scaffolding

You can often catch me saying “Hope is not a strategy” and “structure gives you freedom” What do these KariCatchPhrases actually mean? It means that when you do the hard […]

Financial Documents

This week we continue our exploration of nonprofit documents with a focus on financial documents. There are several financial documents that apply to all nonprofits: budgets, statement of revenue and […]

Your Document Management Policy

Managing the documents that are a part of your nonprofit organization can be daunting, particularly for nonprofits that have been around awhile! With advancing technology that allows us to digitize […]

Personnel Documents

Managing employees is an important part of your nonprofit. The documents relating to employee management, thus, are another important set of documents for your nonprofit—much like the organizational documents we […]

Nonprofit Documents

You probably deal with a large amount of paperwork if you work at a nonprofit.  Keeping track of certain documents is an important task at any nonprofit. Among the most […]