Effective Board Governance is the foundation for the success for nonprofit organizations.

Have you ever looked at another nonprofit organization with a hint of envy? You know the organization that makes it look easy. Their messaging is on point. They are a […]

Are you playing chicken with your 501c3 status?


We are nearing  the 20th anniversary of the enactment of Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The WHAT?  The act, which focuses on financial transparency and corporate accountability, addresses specific questions relating to nonprofits […]

Building Scaffolding for your Freedom

building scaffolding

You can often catch me saying “Hope is not a strategy” and “structure gives you freedom” What do these KariCatchPhrases actually mean? It means that when you do the hard […]

Going After Public Grants

Federal grants can be a great resource for nonprofits. A good practice is to have diversified funding/revenue streams for your organization. Strive for 30/30/30—about 30 percent from private foundations, 30 […]

Personnel Documents

Managing employees is an important part of your nonprofit. The documents relating to employee management, thus, are another important set of documents for your nonprofit—much like the organizational documents we […]

Nonprofit Documents

You probably deal with a large amount of paperwork if you work at a nonprofit.  Keeping track of certain documents is an important task at any nonprofit. Among the most […]

The Whistleblower Policy

This week’s policy topic is the Whistleblower Policy. A whistleblower is someone who reports an activity that he or she considers to be illegal or dishonest. The whistleblower is not […]