Who should attend?
This retreat is designed for board members, executive directors and staff. It’s appropriate for organizations of all sizes, whether they have staff or not.

How do I know if THE board is ready for this?
Don’t schedule Board Tune-Up if:

  • Your organization is perfectly happy in your current place – no issues ANYWHERE to address.
  • You’re fully staffed with a wait list for volunteers.
  • Your board embraces their governing roles, adheres to terms and term limits and LOVES to fundraise!
  • You’d rather just continue to do what you’re doing now, because it’s easier.

How much does it cost?
Course is priced based on your organization’s annual budget. See our COSTS section for details.

What will I learn?
Effective leadership skills, responsibilities and how best to support the people and parts of the organization. Oh! And probably the most important part- the confidence to follow though with all of these things.

Does all my board and staff need to be there? We have really busy schedules.
For this investment to be successful, we ask for 100% participation. INCITE! Consulting can schedule up to 1 year in advance to accommodate your schedule.

What is the time commitment?
Four hours. You can schedule this as a stand alone session or part of your annual retreat. You do have an annual retreat, right?

Does the course include any follow up?

Incite! Consulting will provide a post retreat executive summary, including meeting notes, action items, and an annual work plan.

Contact Incite

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[email protected]
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Incite! Consulting works with your nonprofit peers: 


  • Columbia Basin College
  • Edmonds Community College Foundation
  • Friends of the Brooks Library
  • Gizmo CDA
  • Heritage University
  • Idaho Commission for Libraries
  • InterConnections 21
  • Perry Technical Institute
  • Spark Central
  • Spokane Public Library Foundation

Arts & Culture

  • Bonner County Historical Society
  • Coeur d'Alene Arts & Culture
  • Mobius
  • Teton Arts
  • Whitman County Historical Society

Outdoor Recreation 

  • AquAbility
  • Pacific Northwest Ski Education Foundation
  • SheJumps
  • Spokane Gun Club
  • Teton Adaptive Sports
  • Teton Rock Gym
  • Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation
  • Teton Valley Trails and Pathways