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Leadership, strategy and fundraising in 501(c)3 nonprofits have no set rules. Each day is a challenge where you encounter new obstacles, welcome surprises, and the completely unexpected.

Get in touch with Kari today to have more than twenty years of professional experience at your side as you serve your community, work toward your mission and build your nonprofit from the inside out.


Building Your Nonprofit

With Kari's expertise, uncover streamlined operational strategies, execute impactful fundraising initiatives, and chart a course for a sustainable future for your nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit Keynote Speaking

Kari injects her presentations with a blend of executive insight and board member expertise, coupled with a refreshing dose of innovation, enthusiasm, and authenticity.

Nonprofit Coaching Services

Kari brings firsthand experience to your role, having served in various capacities within nonprofit organizations – from staffer and fundraiser to executive director and board member.

Nonprofit 510(c)3 Coaching & Training

Leadership is more than a buzzword to us, it’s a way of navigating a system larger than yourself.


Focusing on the education, development and design of leadership at the head of 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.


Emphasis on the training, growth and participation of the people, staff and the community standing beside leadership.


Centering on long-term goals, long-term planning and major goals to support an organization’s mission.

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Kari is great at filtering through the verbal clutter during a workshop, to find a gem of advice that helps turn the tide, whether for the organization as a whole or personally for an individual. The rest is up to us to take that gem and run with it. If we do, it can be a game changer. If we don’t, it’s our loss!
Amy Fradley
Exec Director
Teton Valley Foundation
Victor, ID
Kari is fantastic at taking a group of board members who are passionate and dedicated, and giving them a structure of how to best go about accomplishing the mission of the organization. After our time with her, we all had a better sense of how to conduct ourselves as a highly-functioning board.
David Pettyjohn
Exec Director
Idaho Humanities Council
(Boise, ID)
Kari is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to how a nonprofit should run. She always seems to have the perfect blend of being personable and disarming while really digging into the heart of the matter, and I’ve seen her do tremendous good for a number of organizations.
Phill Mollenkof
Phill Mollenkof
Past Board Chair
Mountain Bike Tetons
(Driggs, ID)
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