Board Development

Board Development

It’s no secret: Nonprofit boards play an extremely important role in the success of an organization. An effective board can steer their nonprofit to victory, while an ineffective board can lead to an organization’s demise. A strong board is made up of diverse members who are passionate about your nonprofit’s mission, understand and fulfill their collective and individual roles as board members, and have the knowledge and skills required to manage the challenges faced by your nonprofit.

Building a nonprofit board that meets your needs is a continual process of recruitment, engagement, and development. Incite! Consulting Group can work with your organization to develop and implement the following tools and strategies to help you in this process.

Board Recruitment

  • Develop board member criteria
  • Identify and recruit potential board members
  • Facilitate leadership transitions and succession planning

Board Development

  • Review policies, procedures, and by-laws
  • Offer leadership development trainings for board members
  • Design and implement strategic plans
  • Obtain board member and executive director insurance

Board Engagement

  • Define board member roles and responsibilities
  • Enhance relationships between board and staff
  • Evaluate board member performance

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